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This year Swansea Historic Vehicle Register is joining in with the National Drive it Day, by holding a car show and road run on the 17th April.


Although this date is not the closest to the 23rd of April norm, the FBHVC have brought the date back a week to avoid Easter Sunday. Normally Drive it Day is held on the nearest Sunday to the 23rd of April.


This was the date chosen in 2005 to commemorate the 64 cars that set off from London on the 23rd of April 1900 on the first day of the Thousand Mile Trial. This was an incredible undertaking in those days and one which the Federation believed should be celebrated annually on or near that date.


The Federation wanted to encourage the owners of old or interesting cars, vans, bikes or trucks etc. to take to the road on that day to demonstrate the strength of the historic vehicle movement in the UK. Part of the FBHVCs campaign against issues which may affect the right to use our historic vehicles on our roads.


The campaign has taken on a national identity as various clubs and organisations have taken the event forward all around the UK.


As part of the celebration SHVR will be putting on a car show in Bracelet Bay adjacent to Castle Mare from 10am until approximately 12pm. We will then start the road run, ending up with a meal at the end of the route. There will be a comfort stop on route for cars and occupants alike.

Please fill in the free entry form and return to Mike Jones no later than 31st March. We need to confirm the numbers at each venue.


If you want a pleasant day out in your classic, join in the fun.


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