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Annual Auto Jumble 2010

was held on Sunday 21st  February  




Thank you for attending our event



Swansea Historic Vehicle Register organised the annual Clarence Street

Autojumble on Sunday February 21st, with a host of stall-holders assembled with an excellent array of motoring memorabilia and hard  to find parts for that restoration project already underway, or indeed planned  to start once the box was full of  all those precious parts from the Old Bus  Garage !


Doors opened to stallholders from 8.00 am, and to the public at 10.00 am, admission being £2.50 for adults and accompanied children free of charge – a good turn out of visitors hopefully helped the club bank balance, and the usual shrewd bargain hunters were there from the ‘off’, including Harold Wilson and Harry Griffiths…two men worth watching due to their keen eyes for best buys! The only problem is of course that you need to be a step ahead of them to get there first, and then you wouldn’t see what they had an eye on anyway!

Harry bought a Meccano set, and also a Rolls starter that should bring a handsome profit, whilst Harold spotted a Mill Car Club badge…one of two on sale, t’other snapped up by a Swansea MC man!

Your writer would have grabbed such a badge with equal pleasure, as I was a member whilst still a schoolboy…but it was not to be…and making the loss even more painful was the fact that BOTH badges had been sold by two good friends of mine!

The Autojumble had been almost a “sell out” pre-show, a very small number of spaces for sellers remaining, that to my eye seemed to have been taken come the day…What did – and does – surprise me was how early stall holders pack up, as although things slacken off at lunch-time, from my experience with exhibitions at Swansea Museum, things always pick up again once the lunch break passes…however, yet again the Autojumbler sellers whizzed off…I bet some visitors in the afternoon are disappointed to find the  sales over, so maybe its worth encouraging traders to stay a bit longer ? 


For myself - badge loss apart - I had been sternly warned - before I left

home - to keep my hands in my pockets and not bring home more bits to put in the workshop, shed, or on the dining table! Yes dear, I said. Veronica always says I don't ever least I think that’s what she said !!

So...did I buy anything? Of course not! Well...except for...oh and...but

they were only small things...honest!

Very well done to John Dorney, and his willing team of helpers…it’s a bit like good old Winston Churchill said with his  speech of “Never have so many owed so much to so few”, and that applies to SHVR  in the recent time of need as well as at the Bus Garage…I’m sure that many more  will share the load for the future, and that being so, the future will be  bright…, a prediction certainly underlined by the great news about the May Show  at Singleton Park !  Very well done to all concerned there as well, including Patrick for an astute link to our new partners…more of which elsewhere…  

Roger Gale


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